Just wanted to give all clients an advance notice of some of our new offerings so you can benefit from them before we tweet them.

Now accepting Monero
First off we will be accepting monero a new privacy focused cryptocurrency upon request manually. If any of you are interested in paying via monero. Were working to get an automated checkout option for it in future, but for now it will be a manual process if anyone wants to use it.   If you are using monero light wallet you can feel free to use our full node rpc http://monero.whattheserver.me:8081 (It was updated to the latest monero update blockchain format.)

You can see our guide to monero > https://whattheserver.me/blog/monero-monero-client-cli/

VPS Updates
Also we have updated our vps plans and redone client area and control panel so hopefully some of you may have noticed the new and more responsive layout and options such as snapshots etc. Also now IPv6 will be allocated for you to use if desired in any new VPS's.  If you currently do not have an IPv6 and want one just let us know we can give you a single IPv6 address or a block of /64 upon request you can add to your existing vps.

Shared Hosting is back

We decided to bring back our offshore shared hosting again and pricing is very competive considering we are not overselling and have limited slots available. We can do custom plans if something about one of our default plans is lacking your needed resource requirements just send in a ticket and with desired specs for a quote. 

Our shared hosting is cpanel based and has cloudflare plugin and native IPv6 support as well so your sites will have a dedicated IPv6 as well as a shared Ipv4(by default) or Dedicated Ipv4(upon request if needed for SSL).

You can see our Shared hosting plans here > https://whattheserver.me/shared.htm

We also can do custom hosting for prosody jabber if desired to host a private xmpp server.

Free open jabber/xmpp for both tor and onion
If you would like to use our public onion/tor xmpp server you can feel free to register inband via xteqlx2j6kh62or5.onion or whattheserver.me over tor in pidgin or tor capable xmpp client.  I can be reached admin@xteqlx2j6kh62or5.onion  or admin@whattheserver.me We will be eventually adding some more clearnet domains vhost wise to this install for whattheserver.me for those looking for secure free clearnet xmpp account.

The whattheserver.me works for clearnet xmpp and the onion domain works for all other onion/tor federated xmpp servers  you can register same username on both so you can chat over both clearnet and tor best of both worlds.

Affiliate is enabled so if you like to be an affiliate and earn credit for your current hosting account you can read about that here > http://whattheserver.me/billing/knowledgebase/49/Affiliate-Program-Rules-and-Conditions.html

If you have an comments or suggestions feel free to let us know we are always looking to do and offer more and we love input from clients.

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Mik Ram
What The Server

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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