As you most of you know we have been preparing to switch datacenters due to the poor quality of support and connectivity Ecatel(Our current DC) provides. While we planned to do it nice and smooth and allow for those who wanted to stay in Ecatel to stay...Ecatel upon learning we were moving all our owned hardware out decided to be a giant "ass" for lack of a kinder word and forced us to cancel all our stuff despite having no basis to other then to spite us cause  weren't staying including the temporary leased nodes of ours so it forced our hand and everything we own is now going to new DC this coming Friday.

Those on the leased node(sasha) with the 89.248.172.x, 89.248.161.x, 93.174.94.x IP ranges and such will not be moved immediately as that server will remain online till the 13th, but you will be moved back onto our owned hardware prior to then.

While this may seem a giant inconvenience to most this will be a vastly superior upgrade and allow us greater flexibility as we will have premier tier 3 BW +redundant gbps uplinks+IPv6 compatibility in our private racks on redundant core routers this will alleviate all those unexplained and random outages we have unfortunately received over time in Ecatel.

We appreciate your patience during this time and we will be assigning your new IP's to your vps's on thursday night for all those on the morgan/codyl nodes(Can see what node your on in the solusvm backend control panel) so when there picked up and plugged into new Rack Friday afternoon they should start working near instantly. This will mean from Thursday to Friday connectivity will be affected as it will be offline being prepped for the move.

If you have any questions please submit a support ticket and let us know.

For more information about our new Datacenter can see here > http://serverius.com/services/carriers-amsterdam-datacenter

Our same ToS will apply so those wondering if that will affect you it shouldn't cause if your following our ToS you will not be doing anything that they will care about as i already checked with them regarding tor exit nodes vpns and whatnot and it should be all the same  as it was just no ddos/spam/CP/terrorism/botnets/malware/phishing.

Mik Ram

Thursday, September 5, 2013

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