Thanks for being great customers and as were constantly working to improve the quality of our services we have added a third Perfect Dark VPN node and its in Romania. As you may know our Perfect Dark Vpn Service is one of our newest products and as such sometimes it takes time to iron out the kinks and we greatly appreciate your patience with us during the initial launch. Your feedback is integral, and letting us know if your experiencing any issues helps us help you ;)

How to use new Server:
Ok so basically you unzip the new profile inside same directory as your other one/s and use same username and pass same forwarded port as before the only difference is a different ip as it is a whole new server. As we add more PD VPN nodes we will try to synchronize your port assignments so its simple on you and for us to manage. As always if you need any assistance your more then welcome to open a ticket and schedule a remote setup or configuration request with out Support Team.

Thanks for Choosing WhatTheServer
Mik Ram & Corpus Admin Team

P.S. Those of you PD VPN users from Japan should get much higher speeds and lower latency from the new node as its physically closer to your location.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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